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Pilot Season?

Hey y’all,

We’re firmly in pilot season, and we’ve been told this is one of the biggest in years, with lots of new television projects being cast.

Of course, you’re armed with all of the best marketing materials (a great website and headshots- if not, get them here, and see our list of photographers on the sidebar of this page).

Now how do you find out the deets about these pilot projects?

The Hollywood Reporter’s Pilot Season Blog discusses what’s going on with the networks and the casting of pilot projects.

For the general trade talk, check out:
Hollywood Reporter

Yeah, it’s full of lots of demographics and financials and crazy headlines, but it can be helpful:

Remember to just keep your ear to the ground.

Talk to your friends, other actors, everyone, because the best way you are going to find out about stuff and get in the door, is through people you know and by word of mouth!

And give out your website like little pieces of candy at Halloween.
It will give you the same happy rush!