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Go for the Gold

Quote of the Week

“In [this industry], you are in the Olympics of acting. You’re up against the best actors in the world out there. Are you going to say to yourself: ‘That’s okay, I’d be happy with Silver?’ Or are you going to go for the Gold? Go for the Gold every time you go into an audition!”
– Rick Pagano, Pagano/Manwiller Casting, IMDB

The 2010 winter Olympics are full of amazing stories of persistence and integrity. Each athlete has his/her own story of determination, focus, and rising to a great challenge. As said in our quote of the week, being an actor in a major market is like being in another kind of Olympics. To succeed, you’ll need to apply yourself everyday and keep your instrument in top condition, in order to stand out among the best in the field.

Years of training the mind and body go into the making of an Olympic athlete, broken down into a daily regimen. Being an artist is no different. We should train and prepare for success, like a champion, with your eye on the goal just ahead. Director Anne Bogart talks about how becoming a great artist begins with deep practice, which she defines in her blog as: “a slow and uncomfortable interaction with something that is just out of your grasp and just beyond your capabilities. To practice deeply is to live deliberately in a space that is uncomfortable but with the sense that progress can happen.  Hope, determination and inspiration are the fuel that can sustain the necessary sweat and frustration of deep practice.”

So what does this mean for you? Here’s a few ideas of what you can do everyday to stay strong:

Be clear about what you want.
Target the area in which you want to succeed, and learn all about it.
Try not let others’ success or failure distract you from your goal.
Stay healthy and stay positive.

Present yourself professionally.
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Communicate your goals effectively.
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Celebrate your successes and keep your community up to date.

Make every performance a winning performance.
Write and star in a short film.
Start a play reading group or learn a new skill.
Keep pushing yourself to new places.

Work your way through the AFI’s 100 best films.
Go see a play a week.
Sit in the museum, and soak it up.
Experience is the greatest teacher.

A Final Thought

Look at half-pipe snowboarder Shaun White. Not only does he win the gold, he takes the entire sport to a new level. Spending all year playing around with a half pipe and a soft bucket of foam for wipeouts, he invented a new jump, the tomahawk, which combines 2 full flips and 3 and a half spins—actually raising the bar for all of his competitors.

Can you raise the bar for other artists? Can you expand our notion of what acting is?

Go for the Gold!