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Feeling lucky?

You know that favorite aphorism…
“90% of making it in this business is luck?”

Well, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so with the luck of the Irish, good things are coming your way!

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You’ll get our popular Starter Package, with domain name & hosting,  all for $100. That’s it. $100 bucks! Feel free to e-mail us with any questions, but order now, as these sites will go fast!

Make your own luck!

We are firm believers that you can increase your casting luck by increasing your presence.

Here’s how:
You are “Google-able,” right? You need to be GOOGLE-ABLE!
Picture this: A friend drops your name in conversation when speaking with a casting director. The casting director, whose job it is to know everyone in the business, gets on their iPhone and Googles your name. Your website pops up. Voila! You have presented yourself with a new contact, with no effort on your part. Zilch!

You can send out a postcard or an email introducing directors, writers, casting directors, everybody… to your new website, and there they will read about your latest news! When they see that you’re working and they’ll think of you for their next project. Work begets work, no?

Put your website address on your headshot and resume, that way directors and casting directors can see more of you! Your website is your own personal showcase! You can show them what you are all about in a sleek, professional, and branded way. If your website looks great, then you look great and they will remember you.

Give your website out in conversations. Your domain name should be your name, so it’s super easy to remember! Not like “well, you gotta search actors access and then type my name and number blah, blah, blah” Why be one of thousands, when having your own website puts you front and center?

Your pot of gold is out there. For reals. You just need to make your own luck.